Anime na Pagbibidahan ng Boses ni Liza Soberano Trending. Panuorin Ang Trese Trailer

Anime fans and TV series junkies are hyped when Netflix finally releases the official trailer for the much awaited original series “Trese” which was adapted from the Pinoy comics written by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.

Trese is based on the original comics by Budjette and Kajo that follows the story of Alexandra Trese, a detective who deals with crimes involved with supernatural origins that took place in the dark alleys of Metro Manila. Something to be proud of, the comics also promotes the Philippine folklore and mythology along with the supernatural creatures that are unique to the culture of Filipinos. It will furthermore explain and explore the main heroine of the story, Alexandra, and the Trese clan where she belongs in.


The Pinoy comic series is drawn in black and white and belongs to the horror/crime genre. First published on December 2005, the comic book series immediately caught media attention and a stable number of patrons that continue to read and follow the entire series up to the present date.

And with much delight among Filipino fans, Trese is getting its own animated adaptation on Netflix which drew so much excitement among its avid readers.

The Netflix production team also included a number of star-studded cast for the dubbing of the characters in the animated adaptation which includes an English, Japanese, and Filipino dub.

For the Filipino dub, the production team opted for Liza Soberano to voice the main protagonist, Alexandra Trese, which made fans of the actress really excited for the official series. On the other hand, Shane Mitchell would voice Alexandra Trese for the English dub.

Netizens expressed their excitement as well as their opinion on Liza Soberano voicing the strong character of Trese. Some pointed out that Liza’s voice turned out too sweet and subtle for Alexandra’s character, and sounded a bit off considering the nature of the animated series.

Although many are more excited to watch the Netflix original series most especially the Filipinos who are very proud of this achievement not only for Filipino comic book artists and writers, but also for Filipino animators who worked together in putting up the Trese animated series into action.

Trese is streaming on Netflix starting June 11, 2021.

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