Asawa ni Andi Na si Philmar, Pinabilib ang Mga Netizens Sa Kanyang Surfing Skills


Filipinos are known internationally for their exemplary talent and skills in almost any field they are put in. In sports, in cooking, and even in the industry of entertainment, many Filipinos are known all over the world for their greatness in singing, dancing, and even acting.

Philippines is also known to be the home for wonderful beaches and beautiful seascapes in the world. Tourists having been visiting the country to check out these beaches and hidden gems in the Philippines, or even ride the waves in the pearl orient of the east. With the country strategically located facing the Pacific, it is an ideal spot for surfing enthusiasts around the globe

The province of Siargao in the Philippines was dubbed as the “Surfing Capital” of the country and is home to one of the best and most famous surfers in the world, Philmar Alipayo.

A champion surfer, Philmar has really proven his skills in riding the waves for every competition he has joined in the province. Recently, the Pinoy surfer has proven his great surfing skills once again and netizens are truly impressed with his performance along with other surfers in the Tuason Point.

Netizens applauded Philmar after a photo surfaced on the internet with him supposedly surfing the crystal clear waves of Siargao. On a video, he is clearly seen smoothly gliding over a curved wave that is blue and clear. As surfers call it, “Tube Riding”, as one of the most difficult and challenging to do, but Philmar topped the notch and executed it smoothly as he can. For the champion surfer, he said that tube riding is one of his favorite thing to do while surfing, and it is truly magnificent and amazing to watch from a viewer’s standpoint.

Philmar gained so much media attention for it, netizens applauding and was very impressed with his skills in surfing. Oli Bayer, a photography enthusiast captured the perfect moment of Philmar doing the tube ride and many netizens were also impressed for the shot. Even an actor and a fellow surfing enthusiast, Jericho Rosales, was amazed for Philmar’s skills.

Aside from being a champion surfer, Philmar is also a champion husband for former actress Andi Eignemann and a proud father for their two beautiful angels, Lilo and Koa.

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