Bimby May 3 Kundisyon Para Payagan Ang Ina na Si Kris Aquino Muling Magpakasal

 Many have admired the wit and cleverness of Kris Aquino’s youngest son, Bimby Aquino especially when his mother took him on a Q&A video and was surprised with the answers he provided for her questions.

At a young age of 14, Bimby has manifested his maturity in his actions and words especially when he was called out on social media for being “gay” which he dismissed only as a rumor. He also said on the video his stanceor being part of the LGBTQ+ community and stated that there is certainly nothing wrong for being one. Bimby also clarified that he is  “straight as an arrow”.

On his most recent video with his mother Kris, they once again settled on a Q&A portion. Kris answered honestly all the questions Bimb has asked her, and that is without sugarcoating.
“He asked, I answered. What can I say? I said LAHAT sasagutin, kaya walang inurungan. My 14-year-old knows me inside out in my birthday card to him I said—He has already given me too much LOVE, SUPPORT, TRUST and UNDERSTANDING. Kaya ngayon, it’s time for him to experience ‘regular’ and ‘normal’ to the best I can give him. Tomorrow he answers my questions, I am so PROUD, mas matalino, mas matatag, mas malawak pang unawa ng bunso ko kumpara sa mama nya when I was his age, and even now in many ways, he really is the better me!”

source: Kris Aquino Instagram
source: Kris Aquino Instagram
source: Kris Aquino Instagram

Bimby also asked Kris if she can see herself getting married in the future to which Kris asked, “Are you allowing me to get married?”
Bimby undoubtedly answered yes, given that his mother’s potential future partner meet three conditions which Kris deemed unrealistic to achieve.

First, he said that the man should have his own money and he doesn’t steal from her. Second, no hitting, and third is definitely no shouting at Kris.

Kris said that it would be impossible to find a suitable partner for her especially if he should be richer than her because realistically speaking, she has been working since 15 years old and has invested in so many businesses and properties.

Although Kris takes the matter of consideration for her son’s conditions for her future partner, and said that it would be plausible if they would decide to live abroad.

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