Christine Samson " Genie Nga ng It's Showtime " Hinarana ng Kanyang Boyfriend

Celebrity and social media influencer Christine Samson officially reveals her current relationship status on the internet.

Christine Samson is a Filipina celebrity that first appeared or was well-known for his character as “Genie Nga” on the hit variety TV show “It’s Showtime!”

Many viewers of the TV show immediately noticed Christine’s charming and gorgeous looks accompanied with her slim figure that is more emphasized whenever she sway her hips side by side.

She was also well-known for her photos on her Instagram page as well as her videos in social media where her popularity and audience grew bigger.

Currently, the social media star is also a gamer and a streamer for Tier One, a streaming platform and gaming community owned by cosplayer-celebrity-gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao. Christine was often seen on most of Alodia’s videos as well and was a very good friend with the latter. They are also travelling buddies which can be seen on photos uploaded on their pages.

As we all know, Christine Samson has no boyfriend since birth and her fans knew that all too well about her. For a long time, she did not upload any photo nor video with any man that could be linked to her as her boyfriend. But recently, she made a public announcement and revealed her boyfriend in her social media account.

Justin Vasquez, a talented singer and content creator as well, was her significant other and they looked really happy and suited for each other in their photos and videos together.

Justin even uploaded a photo of him with Christine with a caption: “Hi everyone, I’d like you to meet my happiness.” Christine also uploaded a video on her TikTok account hugging and embracing her boyfriend, Justin.

Many were saying the Justin was lucky to have such a beautiful lady as his girlfriend, but many also say that Christine is also lucky to have Justin as not only did he had the style and charisma, he was also a very good and talented singer who happens to also compose songs and melodies which are uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Netizens were happy for the celebrity couple as many could tell that they really love each other.

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