Ivana Alawi Napaiyak Ang Mga Kasambahay Dahil Sa Prank Na Ito

 Ivana Alawi is a famous celebrity internet star whose fame rose into the showbiz industry after some acting stints in ABS-CBN. She performed on the hit TV show entitled, “Mea Culpa: Sino Ang May Sala” and “Ang Probinsyano” in which she both portrayed a  gorgeous character which made her gather many fans, most especially men.

Ivana also established her YouTube channel and uploaded vlogs mostly about her daily life and pranks that she often pull on her family members. Her channel has grown to over 10 million subscribers earning her a diamond play button from YouTube.

Aside from her steamy hot Instagram posts, Ivana also became well-known to her fans for having a kind heart and a helpful attitude towards those who are in need. One of her most popular video in YouTube was a video of herself disguised as a beggar, and if anyone who give her alms, she would multiply the amount into thousands.

Although it was a controversial video, it can be seen that Ivana has a pure heart especially for the poor. More than just a pretty face, Ivana also celebrated her birthday by handing over foods to street children and homeless people.

On a recent vlog she uploaded, she pranked her housemaids and helpers KC and Mae. According to the two, they did not expect that they can be pranked by Ivana as they all know to well the twists and turns of the actress.


She has though of a prank called “What’s in the box?” to which she placed a broken camera which she pretended she just bought. Ivana “blamed” the two helpers, and when they are on the verge of tears, the prankster actress said it’s only a prank and revealed the huge plot to them.

Ivana also narrated how the Alawi family met KC and Mae and have them for helpers around their house. According to the two, the Alawis are very kind and generous, most especially Ivana which is very evident on her vlogs and videos.

Ivana’s brother, Hashim, and her mother Mama Alawi both joined in to the prank and served as the YouTuber’s accomplice to the prank they had prepared for KC and Mae.

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