Kapatid ni Luis Manzano, Hinangaan Ng Mga Netizens Dahil Sa Kagwapuhan Nito

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola’s wedding was a total hot topic recently, and with their minimalist yet sophisticated wedding style, many are raving about the grandiose of the venue and also the star-studded guests they had on their very special day.

The wedding took place on Batangas, the hometown and domain of Luis Manzano’s mother Governor Vilma Santos-Recto. The wedding took on a minimalist vibe with dusty rose and maroon accents which surely made it draw eyes all over social media. Being the talk of the town, Luis also became a subject of many memes partly because of a photo taken when he was crying as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. Many netizens also talked about his fingernail which look dead on the photos and drew some more laughter among social media.

But not only was the wedding ring of Jessi Mendiola became the star of the celebration. Netizens took notice of Luis Manzano’s younger half-brother, Ryan Christian Santos-Recto from their mother Vilma and her current legal husband, Senator Ralph Recto.

Definitely inheriting his mother and father’s charisma, Ryan Christian Recto immediately drew media attention from his charming good looks and eloquent speaking.

Being the only son of Vilma and Ralph Recto, Ryan definitely has the potential to follow the footsteps of his parents in terms of politics and governance given the background of his parents and influence to the public.

Ryan Christian is now currently 25 years old, and the first time he was seen in public was in a political advertisement of Ralph Recto during the elections years back.

Ryan definitely got his charm from his father and the good looks from his mother. He also uploaded a video greeting his half-brother Luis for his birthday. He mentioned how he looks up to Luis as a role model, and an “idol” as he calls him. Despite being born from different fathers, it is quite evident that the two have deep brotherly bond with each other. Luis also grew up and spent most of his time with his mother Vilma Santos, and occasionally seeing his father Edu Manzano.

Ryan definitely has the potential to join politics or even the showbiz industry if he would wish to. Netizens pointed out that the young man has gotten the best of both worlds from both his mother and father and surely, many are waiting for his plans for his future.

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