Kilig Overload : Kathryn at Daniel Padilla Pinasilip Ang Kanilang Badminton Training

 Fans of famous actress Kathryn Bernardo are always on the lookout for the celebrity’s everyday whereabouts and updates on her daily personal life. That’s why the actress created her YouTube channel which she called “Everyday Kath” where she uploads vlogs of her personal life updates and interests at the moment for her fans to enjoy.

On her vlog last May 8, 2021, she uploaded a video on her channel on the sports she currently busy herself with which is badminton. PHOTO SOURCE: YOUTUBE/KATHRYN BERNARDO


Kathryn also shared on her vlog the things she carries with her during her trainings, and a tour inside her gym bag.

On the first part of her vlog, the actress tours her fans on what’s inside her gym bag which she often hand carries towards the first day of her training.

Inside her bag is a set of shuttlecocks and badminton rackets which were often gifts from her friends and family members. Kathryn also mentioned that she bought a few online which she picked herself.

She always brings with her a safety pack in line with the recent health protocols such as facemask and bottles of alcohol and disinfectant spray. Kath also has an organizer which contains extra clothing and toiletries in case she would want to take a shower after the badminton training. PHOTO SOURCE: YOUTUBE/KATHRYN BERNARDO

During her badminton training sessions, Kath is also joined by her boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, and a few other friends. She also introduced her badminton trainer, Coach Kennie Asuncion.

After a few rounds of stretching and warm-up, the actress was ready and set for the badminton session of the day. Fun and enjoyment can really be seen on the actress as she also explained that she really wanted to pursue sports, moreover badminton. PHOTO SOURCE: YOUTUBE/KATHRYN BERNARDO

On the first part of the set, Kathryn’s fans are really amazed by her skills and potential in playing badminton. She also learned really fast until the end of the last set.

Even though the actress evidently looked tired after the training, Kath expressed that she really enjoyed the session and even told her fans on the vlog that badminton is something that she really want to do for this year as part of her goals for 2021.

Now that Kathryn has started her training, pretty sure that the actress will dedicate her time and schedule for the meantime in learning to play badminton.

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