Magandang Banana Q Vendor na Nagviral Nuon, Heto Na Siya Ngayon

Banana cue is a popular Pinoy merienda or afternoon snack that many surely love. But there is another reason why banana cues go viral because of a girl that sells it, which immediately becomes trending in social media.

Yssa Nicole Nengasca, a 16-year-old lady from Davao City becomes a total head turner in social media not only because of the scrumptious delicacy she sells but also her captivating beauty that surely took the attention of many netizens on Facebook.

The viral banana cue girl is hailed from the small town of Midsayap and studies in Notre Dame of Midsayap College now at Grade 11.

 Her photos immediately became viral on social media after a netizen uploaded a photo of her holding her banana cues that she sells on the streets to add some help up on the daily expenses of her family.

Her photos also garnered a number of likes and shares, and she was even featured on the 104.1 Wow Radio Midsayap.

Not only did Nicole also gathered a number of adoration from her beauty, but also her attitude in life that she is not ashamed to vend some of the banana cues on the streets. check this photos in her

Instagram Account



Nicole was very appreciative of the praises and comments on her viral photos, although she frowns upon those who give nasty and inappropriate comments. Many would also indulge on some double-meaning jokes especially on her selling “bananas”.

Many praised Nicole for having the initiative to earn extra especially during the pandemic. Not only that, she was a role model for teens her age that she wanted to earn to help her parents and siblings in her own way not that the pandemic really hits the family hard which made their income limited and on a budget that can barely sustain their family.

She also shared some inspiration to others and good vibes to her newfound audience and followers to work hard and have the initiative to help the family especially in times of need.


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