Magandang Dalaga Na Nagmahal ng Gwapo, Humingi ng Tulong kay Raffy Tulfo

 As the singer  Andrew E. states on his song, “Humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mong tunay”, many news stories of women falling in love with handsome men has been all over ever since, especially if there has been money involved that was taken and was apparently “stolen” from them. While of course, everyone wanted a partner who looks decent and enticing, being enthralled by these deceptive individuals can be quite a hassle for some and might cause quite a headache in the future.

Raffy Tulfo, the host of the YouTube channel and radio network station called “Tulfo in Action” has received another complainant who recalls having her ex-boyfriend loot out her money and expensive items and investments from her during their relationship. Now that things have gone sour, the complainant wishes to have these things returned to her after being “ghosted” by her former partner.

Camille Castro, the complainant, reports in TIA this former lover named Paolo Fernandez. According to her, the man has taken sum of money that totaled into 140,000 pesos supposedly for buying a motorcycle that could have been used for their business purposes. As stated by Camille, she deposited this on Paolo’s bank account so that they can purchase the motorcycle.

She also appears to have sent 14,000 as downpayment, and another 9,000 for their monthly payables.

A total amount of 230,000 pesos was supposedly accumulated in debt by Paolo Fernandez according to Camille, the complainant. Turns out that she claims she was also “ghosted” by him, having no signs or any contact information left to be reached out by her.

She also claims that he only used her for the money she can provide, and true enough the case was escalated to the court for Camille and her former lover. Although the complainant only wants to have 180,000 pesos returned to her bank account, as these were the only one that she had solid proof and receipts for validation of her claims.

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