Maymay Prankang Sinagot si Edward Barber Sa Tanong na "May Pagasa Pa Ba?"

On point and right on the nail’s head, former PBB teen housemate Edward Barber straightforwardly asks Maymay Entrata if there is still a chance for the two of them.

Although it wasn’t very clear what “chance” Edward was talking about, Maymay gave a clear answer and to a straightforward question.

According to Maymay, trust is very hard to rebuild once it was broken because of the things that personally wronged her in so many levels.

The two also admitted that they were having an issue with each other last year, although it wasn’t very clear if the onscreen partners are dating each other in real life as they were very vague whenever being asked about it on the interviews.

Maymay revealed the answer when she was invited on Edward’s Kumu live “Kwentong Barber”.

“Sige magpakatotoo na tayo. Kagaya ng sinabi mo kanina yung mga pagkakamaling nagawa. Ang pinakamahirap kasi sa'kin kapag nasira na 'yung tiwala. Ang hirap mabalik”

The actress also clarified however that there could still be a chance to be more comfortable around each other once more just like when they first started way back in their Pinoy Big Brother days and even before they entered the showbiz industry.

>Although Edward also explained that many of their followers often take their words out of context and brew more controversies about them in the future.

Maymay also stated that she did not want Edward to wait on her as there is already a special someone that makes her heart happier than before.

The onscreen duo rose into popularity after they joined the Pinoy Big Brother reality TV show. The two shared a chemistry onscreen and fans made a moniker for their loveteam called “MayWard”.

The two had separate career paths however aside from being a loveteam on movies and TV shows. Edward has pursued acting and modelling for endorsements.

Maymay took the path of acting and modelling for fashion industry. She also pursued music and singing for her talents and skills in performing. She recently celebrated her 24th birthday which were attended by only a few people that are close and dear for the actress.

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