Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo Naiyak Sa Mga Sinabi Ni Miss Japan

 After all the Miss Universe hype with Ms. Mexico bringing home the crown and title as the new Miss Universe, many Filipinos are still blazed about the country’s contender Rabiya Mateo who landed on a spot on Top 21 for the whole competition.

The beauty queens who competed against each other on the prestigious pageantry in the whole world formed a special bond with each other most especially Rabiya Mateo who expressed her sadness recently over what Miss Japan has told her on a message she sent to her.

Aisha Tochigi, Japan’s candidate for the Miss Universe competition, took it to social media to share several photos of her with Rabiya. According to Aisha, she really misses being around with Miss Philippines Rabiya and the bonding they had while being roommates in Florida, USA.

On May 20, the 24-year-old beauty queen expressed how absurd it feels like not having Rabiya Mateo around with her inside the room.

“I feel weird when I come back to the room and I don’t see you @rabiyamateo” Aisha wrote on a caption on her Instagram post. Aisha also mentioned how fun Rabiya can be when around during their down times in the competition.

“I miss your morning song, rap, dance and I miss our late night chitchatting. Thank you so much for always making me laugh. You are the best roommate I could ever ask for! Love you so much babe!” wrote Miss Japan on her captions expressing how much she misses Miss Philippines.

She also uploaded several cute and quirky photos taken with Rabiya which are extremely adorable.The Pinay beauty queen responded to Aisha and even invited her to visit the Philippines soon.

“Why are you like that? You are making me cry. I love you so much. You saw me at my lowest point in the competition but you were also there helping me get through everything. Mahal na mahal kita!”

The Japanese beauty queen responded on the comments and said, “Aw love, and you made my day every day!! Definitely going to PH! Mahal kita!”

Rabiya Mateo gained internet fame and popularity not only for joining the Miss Universe Philippines but also f

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