Netizen Na Humingi Ng Tulong Para Sa Amang May Sakit, Nalimas Ang Perang Naipon Ng Taong Nagpakilalang Tutulong Sa Kanya

An unfortunate incident of scamming has befall on a man named Jayvee Buracan after he was stolen money by someone who pretended to help him financially especially now that his father is sick and was in dire need of assistance.

Jayvee posted on his Facebook account with high hopes of accumulating enough for his father’s healthcare. On a post, he mentioned that his family needed any form of donation or monetary assistance for anyone willing to help him and his father’s condition. He also included his GCash number so that anyone who is willing to donate cash assistance could easily send it to him.

Although of all people, this scammer has preyed on Jayvee and the money he supposedly accumulated for his father’s medical needs.

A man named Christian Perez as stated on his Facebook profile, approached Jayvee and said that he is willing to help and extend financial assistance to the Buracan family.

According to a series of screenshots, the conversation went on with Christian saying that he is about to donate money to Jayvee and said that he is currently on BDO to make the money transfer.

He also asked Jayvee if he has a bank account to which he answered he has none.So they proceeded on transferring the money through GCash.

However, the man said that he can transfer money from BDO to GCash but the head office would have to have a verification from him. He also told Jayvee that he will receive a verification number or an authentication code so that the transfer could be verified.

The unknowing Jayvee even thanked the scammer thinking that he would actually send money to him. But little did he know that after he had turned in the verification code, Christian continued to ask more personal information from his GCash profile such as his e-mail and birthday.

Jayvee provided the details asked from him and after that, he tried calling this man and received no responses anymore.

After checking his GCash balance, it was a shock that the amount was reduced to zero. He also received a notification message from GCash that his number apparently sent a total of 15,496 pesos to a receiver named “Daisy Dimaculangan”, the money that was supposed to be used for his father’s healthcare and medical needs.

Jayvee posted the unfortunate incident in his Facebook account and asked people for help as to anyone who can trace the man who stole his money.

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