Rita Gaviola "Badjao Girl" Turns 18

Everyone rejoices for the former PBB teen housemate, Rita Gaviola’s coming-of-age birthday as she shares photos of the wonderful celebration where she shows up as a total show-stopper.

Heads were turning all over as they watch the previously young girl, better known for going viral online as the “Badjao Girl” who happens to be photographed begging for alms on a festival in the province of Quezon. While everyone noticed the enigmatic beauty and charisma of Rita, it became her ultimate key to enter the showbiz and entertainment industry where she previously joined the reality-based TV show, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. PHOTOSOURCE: INSTAGRAM/RITA GAVIOLA

Even though Badjao Girl did not win the title of the Big Winner on the PBB house and was eventually evicted back to the outside world, opportunities and modelling contracts were offered to the young girl because of her beauty fit for being the next top model.

And recently, many are delighted to see the photos of Rita shared on various Facebook pages where snapshots of the debutante were uploaded.

A young girl no more, Rita donned a beautiful champagne-colored gown embellished with beautiful Swarovski beads and accessories. Truly, the Badjao girl who used to ask for spare changes on the streets is now a grown-up princess on the eyes of many. Must be a dream come true for Rita to have such grandiose debut celebration for her 18th birthday.

Rita also shared some of her photos taken during the debut on her Instagram account. The theme was mainly gold and white, with some hint of champagne accents. It also had a semi-Victorian era vibe where Rita truly stood out as the beautiful monarch of the century.

Although it was a small celebration than expected, attended by not a lot of people due to the pandemic wherein strict health protocols are followed especially on mass gatherings under the community quarantine, it did not stop Rita Gaviola to truly own the stage as she celebrates the coming-of-age of her lifetime. PHOTOSOURCE: INSTAGRAM/RITA GAVIOLA


It was certainly a day to remember for the young celebrity, and many netizens noticed how a fine young lady she turned into after so many years.

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