Rose Vega ng 90 Days Fiance, Pinahanga Ang Marami sa Kanyang Transformation

The “90-Day Fiance” holds the most talked-about TV show for their uncanny matchmaking methods between two people who supposedly going to marry each other by the end of the show if everything works out good. Recently however, a Filipina joined the TV show with hopes of meeting a foreigner and settling in for a comfortable life for her and her son.

Rose Vega, or more popularly known as just Rose, drew out media attention after so many controversial episodes in the show. Rose is a 20-year-old that time and had a child during her teenage years. She met a man named Ed, which got the moniker of “No Neck Ed” because of his physical condition.

Many viewers who followed through the whole series pointed out and criticized Ed’s harsh treatment and rude comments on Rose’s background and her past. There was also an episode where Ed gifted her a toothbrush and a toothpaste because of her “bad breath” which she explained that she brushes her teeth often, and the odor is caused by her gastric ulcer and not because she has poor hygiene.

Rose eventually turned down Ed’s marriage proposal for her and decided that she would just live alone with her son back in the Philippines and give up her dreams of having an American life for her family. For her, she can and will survive on her own as a strong independent woman.

After the show has come to an end, Rose started her own YouTube channel which focuses more on her personal life, her day-to-day activities and lifestyle. Despite living on a shabby house in the slums, Rose is not ashamed of their humble abode and had plans of renovating it or even moving out to a bigger and better place if the right opportunities come to her. PHOTOSOURCE: INSTAGRAM:ROSE VEGA

Rose eventually became a strong embodiment of an independent woman and many offers knocked on her door especially for modelling in the fashion industry.

Her recent photoshoot stunned many netizens for her amazing looks and photographed images of her looking like a supreme supermodel. Many fans and followers of Rose supported her in her career in the industry and netizens commended her amazing transformation which truly brought out the beautiful flower in her.

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