Sheena Halili Mas Lalong Lumitaw Ang Kaseksihan Ngayong Isa NA Siyang Ganap na Mommy

On commemoration of Mother’s Day, many netizens took it to social media to spotlight their amazing mothers and show to the world how great it is to have someone like them. For many women, it is also a great opportunity to experience motherhood, and to some, it would be a completion of their duty to become a woman.

But with that, a mother’s duty was never easy soon after having a child. A lot of women would lose their beauty and beautiful figure after childbirth and never to regain it. Some would claim that they are not as attractive as they were after having a "Anak" considering the responsibilities they need to attend to in order to raise their "Anak".


While being a mom is not an easy job, some celebrities maintain their figure and beautiful physique despite being a mother. Just like the actress and former Starstruck contender Sheena Halili, fans were amazed for her slim figure despite being a full time mom. Lest look at Sheena Halili Instagram Account ( photo source)

Just months after giving birth, Sheena has officially posted her photos on her social media account telling her journey through motherhood. And netizens are quick to notice that the actress doesn’t seem to look like she has given birth at all!

Her slim figure and gorgeous body remained intact and no visible stretchmarks were seen on her body at all. Netizens were wowed by Sheena for keeping her fit and fab  body despite the pregnancy and motherhood.

Sheena also shares on her social media account the photos of Baby Martina and her mommy duties to her. The actress would take her out for a walk or stroll her in her baby carriage.

Many also pointed out that the actress is still glowing and seems to appear prettier and hotter after childbirth. Even her fellow celebrity friends in the industry were amazed by Sheena’s physique.



Sheena also became an inspiration for so many other moms out there that it is possible to take care of yourself even after being a mom. Being a mom doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll abandon your love for yourself, take note that being a mom does not cost you your life and beauty in exchange of being a good one.

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