Sino kina Liza Soberano at Bea Alonzo ang Piniling Jojowain ni Mario Maurer

Thai actor Mario Maurer was thrilled to be part of the recent virtual mediacon of TNTCON 2021 last Tuesday of May 11. The actor was joined with two other premiered Thai superstars Gulf Kanawut (Tharn Type 2019 BL series) and Nonkul Chanon (Bad Genius, 2017).

Mario Maurer took the opportunity to thank his Filipino fans in the Philippines for the constant support in his career since 2012, where he even worked with local actresses Erich Gonzales and Kakai Bautista in the movie “Suddenly It’s Magic”.

The Thai actor also hopes to return to the Philippines after the pandemic and enjoy a vacation island getaway in the beautiful beaches of Boracay.

Mario was also delighted and honored to know that the Philippines’ candidate for the 2020 Miss Universe, Rabiya Mateo, is a huge fan of him. He also gave a message to Rabiya, “I am very happy to know that she’s a fan of mine. And I’m happy to hear that, and I wish her good luck.”

Aside from Rabiya, many Kapamilya actresses are also a huge fan of the actor. Some actresses and celebrities were also chosen to be part of the “Jojowain” or “Totropahin” challenge wherein the Thai actors were asked to choose whether these actresses are good for them as a girlfriend or as a close friend only.

The Thai actors were thrilled to be part of the game, and honestly answered each photo shown to them.

One of the actresses that stood out for Mario Maurer was Liza Soberano. According to him, he would want to be Liza Soberano to be his girlfriend if given the chance. Mario is now 32 years old, while Liza is 23. Currently, the actress is dating fellow actor Enrique Gil, whereas Mario’s relationship status is yet unknown.

Bea Alonzo was one of the actresses that also got Mario Maurer’s attention, but for him, Bea was somehow better off to be his close friend than a girlfriend.

When shown a photo of Mimiyuuhh, everyone exclaimed and burst out in laughter which they answered in chorus that they will just “totropahin” the internet influencer.

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