Social media Influencer na si Ms Everything Pinahanga Ang Lahat sa kanyang Transformation


Everyone definitely knows or at least, has heard of, of Ericka Camata or more popularly known as “Ms. Everything”. The internet star became well-known after her viral TikTok videos and meme-worthy gimmick especially on her video where she made her own version of Anne Marie’s song “2002”.

Many netizens really got hooked up with her string of funny videos that’s why her internet fame became an immediate hit for her online audience. She was dubbed as “Ms. Everything” for her vlogs where she greets everyone “Hello, everything! How are you to find out?” instead of the usual “Hello everyone!”

Unbeknownst to many, Ericka grew up in the province of Samar, and truth be told, a lot of opportunities opened for her ever since she went viral on the internet. Blessings came over left and right at her doorstep, and the most surprising for everyone is when she drops her most recent glow-up transformation after undergoing a facial surgery.

On a Facebook post, the internet star posted her before and after photos for her glow-up transformation. She was very open to explain to everyone and show the things she had done for surgery.

The social media star mentioned that she had her nose job done. Apart from that, she has also undergone many other procedures such as facial harmony by volume correction, “Barbie” forehead, almond eyes, chin and cheek augmentation, perfect jaw angle, lip reduction, and rhinoplasty.

 The surgical procedure was taken care of by Dr. Toledo of the Toledo Medical Companies, Inc. Ms. Everything has yet to post any other photo apart from her changing her old profile picture with her post-surgery look .

After her procedure, surely that the social media star will have more photoshoots and glamorous make-up looks apart from her hilarious online content for her vlogs. With more confidence and strength, many are excited and happy for Ms. Everything’s glow-up transformation, and yes, she was a total blast from her previous look. Armed with more confidence, she will surely be stronger from her head, shoulders, knees and toes!

Netizens and followers of the social media star are surely surprised and delighted for her new look, and all we can say is “You go girl!”

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