Sophia Andres Masayang Ibinahagi Ang Pagta-tricycle ng Kanyang Asawa

Sofia Andres’ recent video upload goes trending as the actress shows herself riding a tricycle. And not just that, the tricycle driver is her husband and partner himself, Daniel Miranda! Netizens burst into laughter as they share the video on their timelines.

It is a well-known fact that the actress Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda came from a prominent and wealthy family. Sofia being one of the most popular actresses of her generation, whereas Daniel is an heir to the pawnshop chain in the Philippines and the family of Lhuiller. Many netizens were amazed of the two when they watched the video simply because they get to experience and have fun on the meager means of transportation of the common Filipino people.

In the video, Sofia was seen very much excited and enjoyed as she rides the tricycle being driven by Daniel Miranda. The two were even joking about how much would the fare be for the tricycle ride.

“Magkano po?” Sofia would ask on the video, and then Daniel would answer, “10 pesos.”

The two were also spotted riding their tricycle at night as they make a roundtrip around the streets of Negros Oriental. The two seem to really enjoy their time as a passenger and tricycle driver.

It is also well-known to everyone that Daniel is a race car driver with one of his hobbies include racing. He also competed on many car races locally and internationally.

The video immediately garnered many comments from netizens and their followers alike. Many had left their comments that says:“Ang cute nila tingnan walang kaarti arti”“Pag ganyan kapogi ang driver ng tricekel tyak na marami sasakay”“Oo nga no la talaga arte kumain pa sila nang fishball Naka tutuwa talaga heheheh”“Big Deal ba sa mayaman pag nasakay ng tricycle”“Marunong pala syang magbisaya 😍 akala ko english lang at tagalog .keepsafe po”

Also recently, Sofia shared how she and Daniel met each other and ended up together. The actress recalled how she used to be a “party girl” before often being seen on numerous hangout places on BGC, Taguig. She remembered that she was just 17 when she met Daniel on one of the bars she visited one time.The next day, Daniel asked for her phone number and the rest was history.

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