Throwback: When Gal Gadot Joins Miss Universe 2004

Before being the new face of justice for the most famous comic book superheroine of DC Comics and cinematic universe, the Wonder Woman star we all know started off as a very reluctant pageant queen.

Gal Gadot, the celebrity beauty queen that became the new Wonder Woman, first appeared on a pageant back in 2004 when she competed for the Miss Universe title of her home country, Israel. The ultra-fierce star that wowed every comic book fan soared first on the center stage for Miss Universe Israel long before she also made her screen appearance for the Fast and Furious franchise.

Netizens unearthed old photos and videos of Gal Gadot joining the Miss Universe pageant for Israel. Many clips and highlights of the footage resurfaced on the internet way back in 2004 as a throwback for the actress’ career in the entertainment industry.

Although she was not crowned the most beautiful woman in the universe, she indeed took home many special awards for her participation.

After the pageant however, Gal decided to leave the pageantry business and pursued her career by enlisting in the military.

Interestingly, despite her strong character as Wonder Woman, Gal admitted that she was very reluctant to join the pageant at first according to an interview with W Magazine.

“I was 18 and just graduated high school. I got in the pageant and never thought I’d win. And then I won, and it scared me. All that responsibility!”

According to Gal, she did not want to represent Israel for the Miss Universe so she went on a rebellious stage during the rehearsals. She admitted that she would intentionally attend them late, and would not wear the right evening gowns for breakfast.

Gal also said that she went as far as pretending not to be able to speak English to a judge named Paula Abdul.

Being an actress also was not on her plans because at that time, she was studying to become a lawyer. She also mentioned that having her as a cast for Wonder Woman was a big controversy,

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