Vlogger na si Camille Trinidad Nag Ala Supermodel Sa Collab sa Professional Photographer na si BJ Pascual

 A YouTuber and professional photographer BJ Pascual invites fellow YouTuber Camille Trinidad on a birthday photoshoot in time for her much awaited event.

Camille dons up and all dolled up for the photoshoot themed with the late 2000’s miu-miu girl inspired. The photographer, BJ, opts for the “Valley of the Dolls” theme which was a very popular trend during the 60’s, and since it is a trend in 2021 for the revival of the classics, it would be a fun experience to do it with someone as statuesque as Camille.

BJ will be working with Princess Barretto, a professional studio and stage setup artist to glam up the photoshoot venue for Camille’s close-up. Lyna Lumno is also tasked to work with BJ again for the closet and fashion choices for the style to be worn by Camille. Lyna also worked before with famous actress Nadine Lustre on a prior photoshoot.

Camille also receives a surprise birthday bash and a cake courtesy of the photographer and his team.

The photoshoot was mainly inspired with muted colors mixed with splashy colors to capture that retro-contemporary vibe that BJ Pascual hopes to unleash. The team was also able to bring out the inner beauty of Camille especially donning her 90’s and early 2000’s look inspired by icons such as Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff. The YouTuber also gave that classic aura that screams Dawn Zulueta beauty all over.

The output was also exceptionally beautiful that truly brings out that miu-miu vibe. Camille also goes for four different looks and outfits for her birthday photoshoot and all the output was certainly a bomb.

Her fans and followers loved her birthday photoshoot and her photos that came after it. Many also pointed out her sexy and fierce side which she rarely shows on most of her vlogs and social media accounts. They also mentioned that Camille has a potential for being a super model, and after seeing the photos taken by BJ Pascual? Guess they were not wrong!

Camille really stood out for her birthday photoshoot despite the recent controversy she encountered along with her onscreen and real-life partner, Jayzam Benitez.

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