Xian Lim Niregaluhan Ng Sariling Elevator Sa Loob Ng Bahay Ang Kanyang Lola

 Last month, it can be recalled that the Kapamilya actor Xian Lim has confirmed on an interview that his grandmother is currently battling her way against the dreadful cancer. The actor has shared his difficulties and hardships upon knowing his grandma’s illness, especially his family and close relatives. For Xian, he admitted that he loves his grandmother so much and it can often be seen expressed by the actor not only in private but also in public.

That’s why the actor also said that whatever his grandma would ask for, he would certainly and immediately do for her just to make her happy and relieved. On one account as well, the actor’s grandmother wished to see her wonderful and colorful collection of clowns in one corner of her hospital room which Xian immediately granted for her during her confinement due to cancer.

Not just that, the actor also proudly shares to the internet another token of love for his grandmother especially during the pandemic. Because of the strict health protocols, senior citizens were not allowed to go out in public places and mostly spend their time at home.

Xian thought of the possible difficulties his grandmother might experience for going up and down on the staircase whenever she would need to. So the actor decided on having an elevator installed on their home so that his grandmother would not tire of using the stairs when she needs to go up or down the floors of the house.

Xian shared a short video on his Instagram post with the home elevator he had installed for his grandma.

On his caption, the actor wrote, “This is my lola’s reaction after trying our newly build elevator.”

The actor also shared that his grandmother prefers the room downstairs as it is easily accessible to everything. But he also would often see his grandmother go up and down the staircase to go and fetch her tools for her hobby of cross-stitching that’s why he came up with the idea of having an elevator at home not only for his grandma, but also for the other seniors in the house

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