5 Sikat Na Celebrity Nuon Na Naghirap Ang Buhay Ngayon

In showbiz, the career of celebrities seems to be like a wheel of fortune that maybe you are now on top, sooner or later the wheel will roll and take you at the bottom. As they say, nothing is permanent in this world, and fame is just superficial. Here are 5 celebrities in the Philippines who’s no longer famous and rich:

Charice Pempengco / Jake Zyrus. Charice Pempengco had a promising career in the showbiz industry for her singing and performance onstage. Not only was she recognized here in the Philippines, she also took her fame in Hollywood and earned a spotlight on international media. Charice also performed a role in the hit TV series and musical show, Glee, were she showcased more of her talents. She also produced a number of hit singles such as “Pyramid” and “Listen”. She was also invited on the US talk show Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey Show which eventually led her into meeting David Foster which gave her a huge break for her international singing career. However, in 2014, Charice took on a new image and identified herself as a lesbian and officially became a transgender in 2017 wherein she also changed her name into Jake Zyrus. Her grandmother later revealed that because of her decision to drastically change her image, identity, and appearance, Charice or Jake lost opportunities and offers which led them to sell some of their properties and real estate.

John Wayne Sace. John Wayne Sace started his career in showbiz by being part of a dance group called “Anime” in the noontime Sunday show in ABS-CBN called, “ASAP”. He had a promising career in showbiz as well wherein he had many film and TV show appearances. However, his life and attitude changed when his grandmother, the only parent figure he had while growing up, passed away.  John Wayne had employed himself in odd jobs such as a cake delivery boy, a computer shop assistant, and street sweeper. In an interview with John, he hopes to be given an opportunity to be back in showbiz and set things right for him once again.

BB. Gandanghari. Before her drastic change in personality and appearance, BB. Gandanghari was formerly known as Rustom Padilla, brother of the famous Padilla Brothers, Robin and Rommel. Before being known as a transgender celebrity, BB as Rustom was first introduced in showbiz as a matinee idol then later on shifted his career in doing action movies. In 2006, Rustom joined Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, wherein he revealed something about his gender to the public and went out as gay. In 2016, Rustom registered himself with a new name as Binibini Gandanghari and her gender as female in Orange County Superior Court in California. With hopes of having a career in Hollywood, he eventually failed to secure a career in the state. Despite the news headlines that circled around BB after she went out, not a soul has heard of her whereabouts nowadays. According to his brother, Robin, BB currently works as an UBER driver in America.

Mystica. Famously known for her splits and comedic acts, Mystica or Ruby Rose Villanueva in real life, she was dubbed as the “Rock Diva of the Philippines” and the “Split Queen of the 90’s”. She had promising skills in singing, acting and dancing. Despite her fame and wealth back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, her career suddenly went out and led her to selling most of her properties and her savings wiped out because of the disappearance of offers and opportunities in showbiz.

John Regala. A famous action star back in the day, John Regala has barely made any movies nor TV shows recently after being reported seen as a normal person along Novaliches where he made headlines in the news once again after passing out on the streets.  He was given a break in Ang Probinsyano however, and he was wishing he can set things right once again for his career.

At the end of this article, here is a quote to pounder."The secret to success is to enjoy your journey to success and be thankful to whatever you have today.

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