6 Facts Na Maaring Hindi Mo Alam Tungkol Kay Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch are one of the most famous internet stars and social media celebrities in this generation, garnering their fame mostly from the platform “TikTok” and YouTube. Bella Poarch became an instant hit among netizens because of her viral TikTok videos and cute face dancing in front of the camera.

The TikTok star was famously known for her cute cross-eyed lip syncing videos and also for her amazing singing voice which was surely adored by many of her followers. Get to know Bella Poarch more with this 6 facts about the famous TikTok sensation:

Bella Poarch was born in the Philippines. Born and raised on the islands of the Philippines on February 8, 2001 until her parents decided to move to the US when she was 13. She currently resides in Hawaii.

Bella Poarch served in the military. Bella did not only know how to sing and dance on TikTok trends, the internet star also happens to have enlisted herself in the US Navy.  Bella served in the military for 3 years starting in 2017. Most of her early IG posts revolve around her military days.


Bella Poarch battles. She openly talked about streaming on the gaming platform called Twitch, but reveals that it triggers her PTSD,  disorder leading to a possible breakdown during her live streams. She also reveals that she has been living with this diagnosis since 2017 and mentioned to her fans to not worry about her as she has a great support system around her.


Bella Poarch loves tattoos. Undeniably a tattoo lover, Bella had her body covered with numerous tattoos all over the place. She recalled that she got most of them during her service in the military and were mostly to cover her “ scars”

Bella to the “B”. Bella became famous for the “M to the B” TikTok video and probably her most-viewed video on the platform. It boasts over 330 million views and definitely took the internet by storm.

Bella is also a geek. Aside from video games, Bella revealed that she is a huge anime fan and was very interested in arts and music. She definitely has talent in singing and recently produced a song which talks about the toxicity of building the image of a perfect woman which definitely doesn’t exist. All photos used is from PHOTOSOURCE: INSTAGRAM/ BELLA POARCH

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