DJ Nicole Hyala Ikinuwento Ang Dahilan Ng Kanyang Pananahimik sa Social Media

Mommy Emmy in YouTube, or more popularly known as DJ Nicole Hyala, opens up about the real reason why she has been inactive in social media lately.

The radio personality took it to social media to explain her absence. In a recent vlog update uploaded on their channel, Nicole Hyala talks about how her daughter Princess was the reason behind their lack of updates in their social media pages.

She also reveals that they have been battling against a serious illness of their daughter who’s suffering from a life-threatening sickness called meningoencephalitis.

Meningoencephalitis is a rare disease which causes an acute inflammation of the brain. Part of the former DJ’s post was a caption that says, “HE LORD HAS SHOWN HIS GLORY AND MIGHT. HE HAS GIVEN US A MIRACLE.”

She also explains why this has been a reason to take a break from social media, which she further tells on the video that they wanted the next update to be a story of victory in this moment. And right then on, Nicole Hyala and her husband are very thankful for having this second chance of life and triumph in this serious moment in their family.

Nicole Hyala also said:“Gusto ko din kasi na sa susunod na magpo-post ako sa social media ay tungkol na sa story of victory.“And so, here it is. Our story of victory. A story of how God took over and gave us a miracle.“A story of hope. A story of God's love.”

The radio personality proudly shares this inspiring story of hope and victory against all odds. She also expressed how happy she was as a mother to know that her child had survived this disease that almost took her life.

She also recalled that her child was in coma last April, and in tears she narrated how they were left with no choice to leave their child in the ICU and put their trust in the doctors and in the Almighty.

But in May, they stood triumphant as Princess was awake and all healed from the disease. Their family was grateful for the recovery of their child by putting their faith in the Lord with all their heart.

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