Gaano Kayaman si Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza or most popularly known as “Yaya Dub” is undeniably one of the most famous rising stars and successful celebrity icons in the Philippine showbiz industry of this generation.

Maine was first discovered for her viral “Dubsmash” videos on social media which earned her the title “Dubsmash Queen” and was immediately called in by the longest-running variety TV show “Eat Bulaga” wherein she got her first acting stint as “Yaya Dub”.

Her career in Eat Bulaga immediately sprouted an entire new segment for the show called “Sa Tamang Panahon” wherein the hosts and loyal viewers of the show noticed Maine’s chemistry with her fellow TV show host Alden Richards.

The two immediately captured the public interest and even gained the immortal loveteam called “AlDub” and even managed to have an entire concert show held in Philippine Arena and was attended by thousands of their supporters.

After their segment, Maine has received many opportunities in acting and product endorsements alike. Even being the new face and showbiz personality endorser and partner of McDonald’s Philippines.

But even before the showbiz fame and popularity, it is known to everyone that Maine came from a rich and prominent family background.

The actress is a graduate of De La Salle University College of St. Benilde, one of the most expensive and prestigious universities in the Philippines and possibly one of those schools with the highest tuition fees.

Their family owns many business ventures and properties as well. In fact, Maine’s family owns a chain of gasoline stations in the Philippines and talking about the petroleum business, it is sure that the income is massive.

When Maine gained showbiz prominence, the actress received a total of 87,985,540 pesos on product endorsements alone.

She also owns a franchise of 4 McDonald’s branches in the Philippines, with each franchise costing about 30 million to 50 million pesos.

According to a YouTube channel, Maine is estimated to have a total of 12 million US dollars net worth which is equivalent to 606,980,273.14 pesos a year.

Because of her high grossing income, the Bureau of Internal Revenue has awarded Maine with the title “Top Regional Individual Taxpayer” which proves that she pays her taxes well and just in amount.

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