Ito na Pala ang PBB Star na si Tricia Santos, Grabe ang Kaseksihan Niya Ngayon


Avid Pinoy viewers of the hit reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother probably heard of and remembered too well this one controversial housemate which a lot of viewers hated and disliked so much in the show.

Its edition of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010 is one of the most controversial segments of the franchise, and possibly also the one that produced most housemates-turned-celebrities in showbiz. PBB Clash included James Reid, Ryan Bang, Ivan Dorschner, and Yen Santos which happens to be one of the biggest names in the industry right now.

But this one housemate stood out among the rest that even though she is no longer in showbiz, many avid viewers of the show still recall her and her stints inside the PBB house.This unforgettable housemate is probably Tricia Santos.

The PBB alum became one of the most hated housemates during the season probably because of her overly extroverted behavior and loud personality.

There is also one episode in the season where Kuya or Big Brother threw a double birthday celebration for Tricia and Devon, and the housemates were divided in opinion on where to attend. Most of the housemates ditched Tricia’s party, and went to Devon’s instead. Only James Reid showed some decency to attend Tricia’s 18th birthday party to which many viewers happen to sympathize for her.

After she was evicted from the famous yellow house, Tricia had a few showbiz appearances and shows in ABS-CBN but later on disappeared from the spotlight.Photosource: Instagram/ Tricia Santos


After many years, Tricia has decided to leave showbiz for good and pursue the rightful and most fitting career path for her.

She also admitted in an interview that she suffered from depression after showbiz. There were also rumors that surfaced that she has acquired anorexia and has a seemingly alarming weight loss on most of her Instagram pictures.

But according to Tricia, the anorexia were just rumors but she suffered indeed from depression and is now proud to say that she is recovering from it as she decided to shift her gears to sports.

Tricia focused her energy in playing and getting good at volleyball where she plays for the UST team. Apart from that, she also showcases her fit  figure now in her social media posts and was a proud model of the famous men’s magazine.

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