Ivana Alawi Ibinahagi Ang Hirap ng Kanyang Karanasan Bago Sumikat

 “Dumating din yung time wala akong naging raket kasi pangit ako.” Ivana Alawi recalls her experiences and hardships before achieving her ultimate success and breakthrough in the world of showbiz and entertainment industry.

The actress and YouTube vlogger is undeniably one of the most famous celebrities in the TV and social media industry.

Before she got her big break in showbiz, Ivana recounts her experiences of joining the reality star-search in GMA-7 called “Starstruck”. However, despite the show’s moniker “Dream, Believe, and Survive”, Ivana Alawi did not find her fortune in the talent show, and was not able to survive making it to the top contestants. She even went by her real name Maria, before she made another showbiz appearance years later and changed her name to Ivana.

Her biggest acting breakthrough happened in 2018 when she was able to score an opportunity in the Kapamilya network. She performed on various TV shows such as “Mea Culpa: Sino Ang May Sala?” and the hit action-drama series “FPJ: Ang Probinsyano” in 2019.

Ivana was supposed to have more shows in 2020, however, with the series of unexpected events that happened earlier of that year and the pandemic forcing everyone to halt and suspend their jobs and operations, many projects were cancelled or postponed.

However, it was a blessing in disguise that the actress decided to start her YouTube channel earlier in 2020 and her social media career and popularity even became more prosperous on her part.

Her successful YouTube career boasts over 13 million subscribers and Ivana made vlogging her main source of income during the pandemic.

As Ivana recalls her hardships before attaining this huge success in her career, she remembered a moment in her life when she couldn’t get a raket or an acting opportunity because she was not “attractive” enough. She further explained that she did not seem attractive for most opportunities because she did not meet the specific height requirement.

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