Kapre, Nagkagusto kay Liza Soberano

The Philippines is a country shrouded in mysteries and stories of great supernatural phenomena that is often told in many of the provinces and islands in the country. Each province or town in the Philippines has a unique story of supernatural events and creatures that the folks often mention to be lurking in the dark at nightfall. Both mystical creatures of the forest, the mountains, and the seas are said to be seen by townsmen and often draw interest from many city people who are immersed in the paranormal.

In Manila, popular urban legends and paranormal sightings are also being told by many generations that have passed. Stories about the white lady in Balete Drive, the ritual sacrifices that were believed to occur almost every 4 years in malls, and the famous “snake man” that lives and traps beautiful women in the Robinsons Supermarket.

Because of these unexplained occurrences, comic book writers Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo were inspired to write a mystery-horror series called “TRESE” which was based on the modern-day Manila where supernatural creatures often heard on stories lurk in the dark among the people in the city. The black-and-white comic book series was turned into a trending Netflix animated show where the actress Liza Soberano was chosen to voice the female main character, Alexandra Trese.

Liza Soberano was honored to be part of the first Filipino-based Netflix series, and even the actress had her fair share of fright stories which she shared in a recent interview.

According to the actress, it happened when she was living in Pangasinan. When she consulted an ‘albularyo’ or a healer or witch-doctor, he mentioned that a supernatural being, a tree guardian called “kapre”, was secretly admiring the young actress. It was also said that the kapre was enticed by Liza’s natural beauty which she told:

“She closed her eyes and said there was a kapre looking through my window and my room. ‘May crush sa kanya ‘yung kapre”

To add to that, she was also advised by the albularyo an important thing, which Liza laughs as she tells to her interviewers:

“That’s what the albularyo was saying. Stop making sampay her panty outside because baka anong gawin ng kapre to her panty”.

Who would have thought that even creatures from the other side would be enthralled to Liza Soberano’s beauty?

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