Kilalanin ang 3 Nagagandahang Mga Anak ni Sunshine Cruz

 Filipina actress Sunshine Cruz is one of the most impressively beautiful faces in the showbiz industry. Despite her age being at 40, netizens were amazed by her beautiful and seemingly ageless appearance both in face and physique. Looking at Sunshine’s face, not a mark of age can be seen and not a lot of wrinkles dominate her skin. In fact, the actress was also able to maintain her fit and sexy body which many are surprised to know that she is already in her 40’s


Sunshine also often shares photos and videos of herself along with her three daughters that you could often mistake her being a sister of the three because of her youthful glow. Despite being a single parent for the three, Sunshine often takes her "angels" wherever she goes and has established a very close bond with her daughters.

Her eldest daughter named Angelina Isabel Cruz once made her name in the showbiz industry for being known for her musical talents and in fact was able to secure a recording deal and produced her own album. Despite her amazing singing voice, netizens also noticed her charming and beautiful face that she most likely inherited from her mother. She garnered many fans that adored her angelic face that she often shows off on her Instagram account. She also got her beautiful skin and petite body figure thanks to her celebrity mother.


Sunshine’s second , Samantha Angeline, slowly attracts media attention because of her exotic beauty thanks to the mix of her parents Sunshine and Cesar Montano. She also has the most beautiful figure of all, and oftentimes spotted on Instagram wearing swimsuits and bikinis. Although she has not entered showbiz yet, many netizens believe that she has a huge potential of being a model.

Lastly, the youngest of the three is Angel Francesca also has her fair share of good genes from her mother and despite being at the age of 14, Chesca has a matured physique and a tan skin she inherited from her father, Cesar. As of the moment, she studies at De La Salle Santiago and is often seen with her mother travelling to different spots and places in the world. She also treats her sisters as her best friends.

Truly Sunshine was blessed for her three daughters, and although her relationship and marriage life with Cesar Montano was not as smooth-sailing as she expected, she was more deserving of the love and custody for their "angels" as she was the one who raised all three by herself.

We are very sure that Sunshine is proud mom  to her daughters Angelina, Angeline and Angel. They are all very pretty just like their mom.

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