Lolo Nagbigay ng 700-Milyon Pesos Sa Anak Matapos Mabigyan ng Kauna Unahang Lalaking Apo

There is a popular saying that it is not your fault when you are born poor, but it is your fault if you allow yourself to die as a poor man. But sometimes a person’s great fortune often comes from luck and reveals itself to you in the most unexpected way. As another popular saying goes, what is yours is bound to be yours.

Just like this couple from China, their stroke of luck came after their son was born. For the first time in forever after having a series of female grandchildren, a wealthy grandfather and a known business tycoon was rejoicing to have known that a male grandchild was born in his family from one of his sons.

Because of that, he awarded a total of 14.2 million US dollars to the couple or around 700 million in pesos.

Mario Ho and his supermodel wife were lucky to have a son as their first child who was born on October 24 and named Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s wealthy grandfather was simply overwhelmed over the news after hearing that he had a male grandson for the first time after having only female grandchildren in his family line. Finally, his family name will thrive in Ronaldo and his legacy shall live on after he passes.

Not only that, the couple also received 500 million yuan or around 71 million US dollars as a cash gift to their wedding just three months ago.

Despite the simple wedding celebration of Mario and his wife, many of their family members and netizens who have read their story probably expect a grandiose birthday celebration for their only son.

Truly it is very important for any grandfather to have a male grandson that shall continue his family roots and let his ancestors’ influence and legacy live on to another generation. Not only that, Chinese families often value male children or grandchildren as they will be the ones to continue the family name and they will be the ones that will determine whether their line will thrive in the future or die down on their own. Male heirs also take important roles in the family as they are responsible for carrying on the culture of their line in the next generation.

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