Lyca Gairanod Ibinida Ang Kanyang Mamahaling Sasakyan Na Bunga Ng Kanyang Pagsusumikap

The Voice: Kds season 1 grand champion Lyca Gairanod proudly showcases her newly purchased car on her most recent YouTube vlog.

Netizens and her followers were amazed for Lyca’s hard work and achievement in life ever since she started her career in showbiz when she first joined the singing competition, “The Voice: Kids Season One”.

Much has changed on the life of the young singer after she won the champion title on the singing contest in 2014. Unbeknownst to many that Lyca came from a very impoverished life in the city and her family often had trouble making ends meet. Her father was a simple fisherman, whereas her mother worked in the landfill collecting plastic bottles and old newspapers from the garbage.

All of these hardships had to be endured by Lyca and her family despite her being at a very young age that time. Photosource: Lyca Gairanod Instagram

Lyca also shared that she would sing in the streets and to her neighbors as a sideline to earn extra money to feed their family for the day.

After winning the grand prize in The Voice, Lyca’s life has taken a major turn and her life now is very far from where she first started.

Despite being very poor and had to work at a young age, Lyca made it clear that her parents never enforced her to work . She did it willingly to help her parents and their family.

The Voice became a huge opportunity for Lyca to turn their life around and because of her natural talent in singing high notes in the songs of Aegis, she won the competition and the grand prize along with it.

She was also offered a talent contract with Viva and secured recording deals with the management.Lyca also decided to start her own YouTube channel and immediately garnered a number of subscribers that made her achieve the golden play button.

Because of the success of her channel, she was also able to purchase her own car from her earnings on the platform. According to her, this would be very useful for her as she would no longer have trouble commuting or travelling from place to place whenever she has to in her nature of work.


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