Makaganda , May Iniindang Karamdamam

YouTube vlogger Caffey Namindang or more commonly known by her internet fans as “Makaganda” recently opened up and revealed that she was rushed to the hospital due to her current health condition.

Caffey became widely known in the internet after she was featured a number of times on her ex-boyfriend’s vlogs, Christian Merck Grey. The two had a nickname for themselves whilst being together, known as “Makaganda” and “Makagwapo”. However, the relationship encountered a turbulence and resulted to Caffey eventually calling out her former lover to Raffy Tulfo’s show and complained about the unfair and unjust treatment of Christian that is downright abusive and manipulative for her. The two went on separate ways and Christian Merck taking a year-long hiatus from uploading vlogs on his YouTube channel.

The commotion ended up being a huge controversy in social media and became widely talked about on the internet.

On a recent vlog she uploaded, the internet star became emotional in an interview as she talks about the recent experience she had and it wasn’t something that she experienced commonly. According to Caffey, she experienced an extreme pain in her abdomen and thought that it must be a urinary tract infection or UTI.

But when the pain became intolerable for her, she was immediately rushed to the hospital and there, the doctor was able to diagnose her properly and identified the culprit behind the pain she had experienced. PHOTOSOURCE: INSTAGRAM/ CAFEY NAMINDANG

Apparently, the vlogger had contracted stones in the gallbladder and was immediately endorsed into an operation to have it removed as soon as possible.

Caffey could not contain her emotions as she recalls the incident that recently occurred to her that almost threatened her life.

She also mentioned that she thought the pain was just the usual UTI many of us experienced so she just ignored it until the symptoms became worse through time which eventually led to a surgical operation.

Caffey “Makaganda” asked her fans and followers in social media to collectively call out a prayer for her as she admitted that she was a cowering chicken when it comes to operations and surgeries.


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