Pinay Sa Sultan Kudarat na Pinaglihi sa Barbie Doll Trending Ngayon Sa Social Media

 Having unique qualities and individual differences were never a hindrance to succeed in life. In fact, it serves as an instrument of God in order for them to stand-out and receive the help that they truly deserve in order to secure a bright future in life.

Most of the remote areas in the Philippines, especially the ones in the provinces, are drenched in poverty which are not often addressed by the public nor the local government. That’s why most people who live in these places is rarely given a chance in the spotlight to let their unique qualities shine.

In this feature story, a girl from the islands of the Philippines in the province of Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao, a rare occurrence happened to the girl which stirred public interest and media all over the world.

A photo taken by Mark Chews, he immediately shared it on his social media account for everyone to see this unique feature of this girl that he discovered in the remote areas of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat.


According to his post, the  girl is known as “Jhopye”. Many netizens were amazed by the  girl because of her striking blue eyes which was very uncommon for someone born in pure Filipino families.

According to her community and her neighbors’ stories, Jhopye bore her blue eyes after her mother constantly looked at the famous Barbie doll which was known for having those bright blue eyes when she was pregnant with the  girl.

However, it was also concluded that aside from having blue eyes, Jhopye was known to have speech impairment which could have resulted from a lack of nutrition of the mother during her pregnancy given their community conditions in the remote area in the mountains.

Jhopye mentioned that she dreams of receiving proper education despite her condition. Mark, the uploader of the post, felt the need for the public to know about the the people with similar conditions as Jhopye, and living in a difficult  conditions. Because of the post, many netizens and kind-hearted people reached out and donated to the family of Jhopye so that in their own little way, they were able to extend help to those who are in dire need.

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