12 Celebrity Couples Na Malaki Ang Age Gap

Many celebrity couples today have a huge age gap. Who exactly are they? Let's get to know them. When it comes to relationships, they say that age is not important, because age is just a number. The important thing is that you love each other and you are ready to do the right thing for your relationship.So here is the list of Filipino celebrity couples who have a big age gap.

Lizquen - 6 years gap. Famous couple Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have a six -year gap. Liza is 23 years old and Enrique Gil is 29.>


MichEnzo - 7 years gap. Model Michelle Vito and actor Enzo Pineda are 7 years apart. Michelle is 23 and Enzo is 30 years old.

JuRald- 8 years gap. The new couple Julia Baretto and Gerald Anderson are eight years apart. Julia is 24 years old now and Gerald is 32.


JaneRk - 9 years gap. Jane Onieza and Rk Bagatsing are 9 years apart. Jane is 24 and Rk is 33

SarahChard - 10 years gap. Richard Guttierez and his beautiful wife Sarah Labahtti have a 10 -year gap. Richard is 37 and his wife Sarah is 27.

SamCatriona - 10 years gap. The age gap between the couple Sam Milby and Miss Universe Catriona Gray is 10 years. 27 Catriona and 37 Sam>

BiCol - 11 years gap. Couple Billy Crawford and Colleen Garcia have an age gap of 11 years. Billy is 39 and Colleen is 28.

EllenDerek - 11 years gap. Ellen is 33 years old and her boyfriend Derek Ramsey is 44 years old. 

ViceIon - 15 years gap. Comedian Vice Ganda has a 15 -year gap with his relationship with Ion Perez. Currently Vice is 45 years old and Ion is 30

VickyHyden -24 years gap. Dr Vicky Bello, 65 years old, has a 24 -year age gap with her husband Hayden Kho who is currently 41 years old.

MarisRico - 25 years gap. PBB Housemate Maris Racal is 23 years old, while OPM singer Rico Blanco is 48 years old.

VicPauleen - 35 years gap. Bossing Vic Sotto, on the other hand, has a 35 -year age gap with his housemate Pauleen Luna. Vic Sotto is 67 years old and Pauleen Luna is 32.

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