Ivana Alawi Nais Gawin Prinsesa ng Prinsipe ng Brunei, Ito Ang Kanyang Sagot

The news is now widespread that the prince of Brunei wants to meet one of the most beautiful and famous women in the Philippines today, Ivana Alawi. How true is this story? What can Ivana Alawi say in this matter. That is what we will find out.

Ivana Alawi's popularity has come a long way. Not only here in the Philippines also in other countries, the name Ivana Alawi is really popular and famous. Many from different part of the world appreciate her unique beauty.  In fact, in the latest TC Candler’s top 100 most beautiful faces list, only two Filipina made it to the list. Liza Soberano and Ivana Alawi.

Ivana Alawi became even more famous when she started her YT vlog channel. It now has over 13.4 million subscribers. Thanks to her happy and family members Mommy Alawi, Mona and Hashi, the number of subscribers to Ivana's channel is rising rapidly. Almost all of Ivana Alawi’s videos that she uploaded in her channel reach millions upon millions of views. So it is no surprise that even the prince of Brunei took an interest in meeting Ivana personally. 

This prince is Prince Abdul Mateen Bolkiah, One of the two sons of sultan Hasanal Bolkiah. This prince is  great at Polo .He is very rich and and owns a luxurious private jet. According to some sources, this prince is looking around the world to find a woman to be his wife and lifelong partner.   The question is how true is this? Let Ivana Alawi answer this question.

In a video of Ivana Alawi where she gave her fans a chance to ask her questions. One fan dared to ask Ivana Alawi about the Prince courting with her. And here is Ivana Alawi's answer.“Saka na, saka na lang natin ikwento kapag ano…” 

Although Ivana Alawi did not answered it directly , her  answer seems thrilling. It can be remembered that when it comes to love life, Ivana Alawi is not fond of telling stories. Hopefully, Ivana Alawi will find the person she will truly love.

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